About us


About us

Hosseini allegiance campaign started its service  from a small number of voluntary groups of young people who devoted their time  in remote and poor villages of Iran  for teaching – building houses – job creation – general hygiene and etc. the campaign members were from different majors so , they had their new academic ideas in and it was significantly successful


Afterwards , they decided to expand their services  to Iraq

They  chose walking custom of Arbaeen pilgrimage ceremony to  offer their  services. In 2014 they   had their first attendance in Iraq . They provided there a shelter (tent) and three meals of Iranian food everyday for pilgrims.


The same service  will be provided   in three more places along the path of pilgrims this year.

Harder to believe, but Iraqi government is playing a very small role in this event and all this hospitality is by general people in Iraq. The houses and tents are all established by the masses to host these unknown guests. 100 thousand at service of 25 million.

Annually, more than 25 million men, women and children from different nationalities, languages and customs but with the same aim, participate in this walking custom. Those  whom are seeking a sign of humanity, bravery, self-devotion and justice in a world that these words are being forgotten in it day by day